How to behave as a teacher in a conflict situation

The school is a center of constant interaction between people, a platform where teachers educate children, enriching them with new knowledge. Emotions are constantly raging here 10-principles! And, unfortunately, they are not always positive need-to-know. What if we add a lot of public tension? It turns out that more and more often we hear terrible news about bullying, conflicts and even physical violence in educational institutions remote-homeschooling.

The topic of conflicts in school is not new. Anyone can become their victim, often the teacher himself. Therefore, you should know all about the mechanisms for resolving conflict situations and have in your Arsenal measures that will help avoid misunderstandings 19-year-old-entrepreneur. In addition, the formation of children's worldview depends on the teacher's awareness and moral authority in the school community.

the Main problem is the lack of mutual understanding homeschooling. Bullying and conflicts as a phenomenon are formed in a certain community of dysfunctional groups. There is always a victim, an aggressor, and others who watch the conflict children-inventors. And often it is the latter, even unconsciously, that support the existence of bullying, which is a spectacle for observers. In order for such a group to become a strong and friendly team, it is necessary to look for common local interests in its members that could unite the team.

it is Necessary to establish contact with children who show at least minimal signs of aggressive behavior. To do this, you can use even a small reason to establish a dialogue communication-with-teachers. This can be any question in the corridor, dining room or courtyard (for example, about your favorite football player, Hobbies, etc.). Students are very sensitive to the respect and interest from their elders, and especially distance-education teachers. Despite the circumstances and the "history of relationships" with the participants in the conflict, it is the teacher who must quickly localize and neutralize the problem rassharivanie. If there is a crisis situation, the teacher should be aware of

• Professional responsibility for its correct solution. Participants in the conflict must understand the unacceptability of such situations or bullying family-training.

* the Importance of your own initiative in resolving a conflict situation, recognizing the importance of the child's interests and feelings, because they are still being formed home-education.

• the fact that the child's perception of the conflict and its causes may not coincide with the teacher's opinion. It may not be easy for a teacher to understand the depth of a child's experience, but for a student homeschooling take control of your emotions or recognize the need to solve the problem distance-education.

• it is Much easier to prevent a conflict than to solve it successfully.